LAWN & GARDEN PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 8 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 Environment, Entertaining on the Menu in Lawn and Garden THE SUN Fun in home’s outdoor space often must perform as a cozy, nurturing part of the home as well as a grand display for outside viewers and visitors. Consumers want their lawns and gardens to look good while remaining functional, and they look to their local home improvement stores for the kind of expertise needed to reach these demands, while staying in their budget. Knowing the trends consumers are following and anticipating their needs will go a long way to improving a store’s reputation amongst backyard enthusiasts. GIVE ME STRUCTURE Part of bringing the comforts of a home’s interior outside is improving structures in the lawn area. While patios and terraces are still the most popular structures for both major and minor projects, according to the 2017 U.S. Houzz Landscape Trends Study, overhead structures have overtaken decks as the second most completed, undertaken or planned structural project in the country. A TOP UPDATED OUTDOOR STRUCTURES Source: 2017 U.S. Houzz Landscape Trends Study Patio/ Terrace Arbor, Gazebo Pergola or Trellis Deck Shed/ Workshop 39% 26% 20% 12% 8-25_Lawn&Garden_Fall17.indd 8 7/19/17 8:50 AM