Sell All Year Long Customers buy Sloggers because of the all-day comfort, waterproof dependability. The average Sloggers customer owns more than two pairs. Sloggers are the go-to footwear for homesteaders, gardeners, pet lovers, and DYI-ers. Many styles of shoes, boots and hats available through your RDC. Spring Surprise Hummingbirds Equestrian Gaga for Goats NEW STYLES AVAILABLE FOR DROPSHIP PRO TIP Six pack boot and/or hat fill-in orders sell through quickly, double your pack order for maximum selling potential. Drop ship minimum order quantity is one case (6 pairs of boots / 12 pairs of shoes). You can mix sizes and colors within footwear categories of shoes, boots, ankle boots or clogs. 5117HUMRD 5117HUMPK 5118SSRS 5118SSBL 5118SSBK 5018SSBL 5018SSBK 5118HSBK 5118HPBL 5018HPBL 5018HSBK 5118GOGN 5118GOBL 5018GOGN 5118GOBL Six pack boot and/or hat ad final.indd 10 7/14/17 1:59 PM