LAWN & GARDEN PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 14 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 WATERPROOF BOOTS Made for use in the garden or in the streets, the Spring Surprise Collection of Sloggers boots are versatile for multiple needs. The collection features multiple designs for use in any situation. SLOGGERS 800-900-3339 OR SLOGGERS.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 140 2-FOOT ROLLING RACK DISPLAY This pegboard and wire rack display accommodates a full assortment of Annin U.S. flags, flag and pole sets, decorations and accessories. Smooth rolling, lockable castors allow the display to take the best advantage of store layout and traffic flow. It can be viewed from four sides in an 8-foot retail sales space. Free with stocking order. Also available in a 3-foot display, which provides 12 square feet of retail selling space. ANNIN FLAGMAKERS 855-223-6164 OR ANNIN.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 139 VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL LOG SPLITTERS The Brave lineup of vertical/horizontal log splitters includes three models—all operated by Honda engines. Splitters feature industrial I-beams for added strength to prevent twisting as well as a premium four-stage hydraulic filtration system that keeps the splitter clean from contaminants. Nylon hydraulic sleeve, log cradles and a heavy-duty log dislodger are standard. Optional fenders and engine guard are also available. GREAT NORTHERN EQUIPMENT 763-428-3569 OR GNEDI.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 141 8-25_Lawn&Garden_Fall17.indd 14 7/19/17 8:56 AM