LAWN & GARDEN PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 20 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 BBQ PELLETS New Griller’s Gold BBQ pellets are made with a single ingredient: natural wood. These dense, consistent wood pellets generate intense heat for smoking, grilling or BBQ. Flavors include cherry, fruitwood, hickory, smokehouse and competition. INDECK LADYSMITH 715-532-3042 OR GRILLERSGOLD.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 146 ELECTRIC CHAINSAW Within the STIHL Lightning Battery System™ , the STIHL MSA 120 C-BQ chainsaw is designed for suburban yard applications, from storm cleanup to limb removal. It is lightweight at only 8.4 pounds (including battery, bar and chain) and features low vibration, quick chain adjustment and the STIHL Quickstop® Plus chain braking feature. The MSA 120 C-BQ chainsaw can make up to 100 cuts on a single charge. STIHL USA 800-467-8445 OR STIHLUSA.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 147 (866) 994-0902 SHARK TEETH Carbide tipped Shark teeth for power and durability LIFT HANDLES Built-in lift handles make transport easy HONDA POWERED Honda engine for powerful and reliable performance NARROW WIDTH With just a 24” width, fits through narrow paths and gates with ease LOG SPLITTERS EARTH AUGERS PRESSURE WASHERS PUMPS ALSO CARRYING FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 109 8-25_Lawn&Garden_Fall17.indd 20 7/19/17 10:41 AM