Fall 2017 CUTTINGEDGE Products 21 GARDENING SHOES AND BOOTS Sloggers “All-Day Comfort” shoes and boots are designed to combine waterproof footwear with comfort technology. They are available in several colorful prints. Designed for homesteaders, gardeners, pet owners and DIYers. Sloggers are made in the USA. SLOGGERS 800-900-3339 OR SLOGGERS.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 149 2-PLUS-GALLON GAS CAN A gas can built for outdoorsmen, the 2+ Gallon Mossy Oak Edition SureCan was designed with small-engine machines in mind. With patented technology, SureCan offers a flexible spout that rotates down more than 180 degrees and fits into any machine's fill location. The thumb release trigger on top controls the flow. SURECAN 801-827-0500 OR SURECANUSA.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 148 The Safest Way to Cut Kindling! LIMITED WARRANTY YEAR 5 www.gnedi.com/kc | (866) 994-0902 • No moving blade passes by hands • Virtually maintenance-free • Place wood onto pre-sharpened wedge and strike with hammer, mallet or another piece of wood • Bolt holes for permanent mounting • Just 10 lbs Creates perfect kindling for fireplaces, campfires, wood stoves, saunas, smokers and more! FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 110 8-25_Lawn&Garden_Fall17.indd 21 7/19/17 10:41 AM