LAWN & GARDEN PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 24 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 ENZYME FUEL TREATMENT Star Tron’s enzyme formula helps improve the performance and reliability of gas and diesel engines. The proprietary blend of enzymes helps improve the combustibility of hydrocarbon fuels so engines start more easily and run with more power with improved fuel economy. These enzymes also stabilize fuel and help remove gums and carbon deposits from engines. STAR TRON 800-327-8583 OR STARTRON.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 151 HEDGE TRIMMER Within the STIHL Lightning Battery System™ , the STIHL HSA 56 hedge trimmer is portable and lightweight at only 8.1 pounds (including battery). It features a high cutting speed of 2,800 strokes per minute, slicing through hedges with minimal vibration. A single charge can allow a user to trim up to 1,000 feet. STIHL USA 800-467-8445 OR STIHLUSA.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 150 | (866) 994-7102 ... built better than they have to be FREE SHIPPING IN CONTIGUOUS 48 states A unique side discharge frame keeps cuttings out and away while grinding. Equipped with industry- leading Greenteeth® for an aggressive cut. A unique side discharge frame keeps cuttings out STUMPS WORST ENEMY OAK & IRON ® now available! new torsion axle Model BHVH2616GXT FREE SHIPPING IN CONTIGUOUS 48 states | (866) 994-6830 FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 113 FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 112 8-25_Lawn&Garden_Fall17.indd 24 7/19/17 10:43 AM