PAINT & SUNDRIES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 26 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 Creating a Destination for Paint Purchases Experience IN-STORE erhaps more so than any other category regularly found in hardware stores, paint offers an emotional buying experience. A consumer doesn't choose a paint product based on quality alone. They’re making a choice of design, taste and trends, which can be a much trickier sale for retailers to make. Whether it’s making sure a store is stocked with the paint colors of the year or increasing purchase sizes with sundries, any retailer looking to make the most of a complex but lucrative product department can increase their success with a few key tips. … AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE Since paint purchases can be an emotional decision, consumers don’t make them lightly. They’ll be the ones living with this paint or stain choice for the foreseeable future, and they want to get it right. For retailers, this means making consumers comfortable in their stores. If space allows, set up the paint department with a store-within-a-store mindset with plenty of space to promote browsing. Have comfortable furniture and materials available to offer the best look at the colors and textures the store has in stock. On top of a welcoming environment, a successful paint retailer must have what consumers need. That means not only stocking the most popular products, but merchandising them accordingly. Make sure the color racks and planograms are the most up-to-date they can be and that paint is featured prominently on in-store signage. STAYING MODERN Product trends can change quickly in hardware, and nowhere is that seen more clearly than in the paint category. Whether it be chalk paints or semi-translucent stains, keeping up with the trends is a major factor in maintaining a strong paint and sundries category. Retailers should make sure they are fluent in their distributors’ return policies for unsold products and take advantage of programs that easily allow a retailer to update their product lines with more popular products. These kinds of programs are becoming more common in the industry but are often left off the priority list for owners and managers. Embracing entire projects can be very beneficial to a retailer. Paint and sundries go hand-in-hand for many P 26-37_Paint&Sundries_Fall17.indd 26 7/19/17 9:00 AM