PAINT & SUNDRIES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 30 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 ALL-PURPOSE SEALANT Lexel® has superior adhesion, expands and contracts with temperature changes and is paintable. It seals around anything: wet or dry, indoors and outdoors, hot or cold. It won’t grow mold or mildew and is instantly waterproof. Lexel® sticks to almost anything for a permanent, flexible seal. Lexel® is available in Crystal Clear or Bright White and comes in squeeze tubes or 10.5-ounce cartridges. SASHCO 800-767-5656 OR SASHCO.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 155 WATERPROOF CRACK FILLER Blue Max Trowel Grade is a high-strength, elastomeric and waterproof crack filler. It utilizes a waterproofing technology in a butter grade filler, used for filling in hefty cracks and leaks in a foundation. High in rubber solids, Blue Max Trowel Grade cures to a highly elastomeric filler that maintains its elasticity in extreme situations. AMES RESEARCH LABORATORIES 888-345-0809 OR AMESRESEARCH.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 154 TEAK FURNITURE CARE A three-step process for teak furniture care starts with Teak Cleaner to remove dirt, stains and old oil. Step two is Teak Brightener to restore highlights and accentuate the wood’s grain. Step three is Premium Golden Teak Oil to preserve the restored surface. Designed for all fine woods. STAR BRITE 800-327-8583 OR STARBRITE.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 156 26-37_Paint&Sundries_Fall17.indd 30 7/19/17 8:02 AM