PAINT & SUNDRIES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 34 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 REFLECTIVE SAFETY PAINT Reflective Safety Paint is a coating that contains light-refracting beads, and when applied, creates a highly reflective surface in day or night. It is designed for many safety applications such as curbs, fire hydrants, walls or signs that need to stand out. Reflective Safety Paint has elastomeric technology, which helps it resist peeling and lengthens its lifespan. It also has top-end adhesion to most surfaces including metal, asphalt, concrete and wood. AMES RESEARCH LABORATORIES 888-345-0809 OR AMESRESEARCH.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 161 TELESCOPING LADDER The XXC Multipurpose Ladder with a 300-pound duty rating has a patented, semi-automatic hinge-locking system. The patented technology makes the transition from telescoping step ladder to telescoping extension ladder seamless and simple. CORE DISTRIBUTION 612-330-9915 OR XTENDANDCLIMB.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 162 ROOF SEALANT Wet or dry, hot or cold, Through the ROOF!® is designed to work even if it rains before, during or after application. Consumers can apply it to wet surfaces and in freezing temperatures. It dries clear and remains elastic for a permanent seal. It will not yellow over time and is paintable. Available in 10.5 ounces, clear quarts and gallons. SASHCO 800-767-5656 OR SASHCO.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 160 26-37_Paint&Sundries_Fall17.indd 34 7/19/17 8:02 AM