PAINT & SUNDRIES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 36 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 MULTI-PURPOSE ADHESIVE Simple Bond is a nontoxic, all-purpose adhesive that forms strong, flexible and water-resistant bonds between nonporous and porous materials. It dries clear with uses for the home, crafts and furniture repairs. Simple Bond becomes tacky within minutes and is fully cured within one hour. LHB INDUSTRIES 800-552-8252 OR TEARMENDER.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 163 LATEX PAINT REMOVER M-1 Tough-Job-Remover removes dried latex paint from floors, doors, windows, walls, furniture, concrete and brick, no matter how long it’s been on the surface. Restores clothes, carpets and furniture marred by latex paint, gum, ink, tar, crayons, liquid paper, grease and more. It can be used on carpet, vinyl, wood paneling, woodwork, furniture, shoes, metal and glass surfaces. SUNNYSIDE 847-541-5700 OR SUNNYSIDECORP.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 164 In the area of the squeak, find the joist from above the floor using the Joist Finding tool in the kit. Then push the Alignment and Depth Control Fixture firmly into the carpet. STEP 1 Using the driver bit provided, drive the screw down as far as the fixture will allow. STEP 2 Slip the Screw Gripper over the screw head and rock the fixture left to right, snapping the head off. The screw breaks at the score that is set slightly below the wood of the floor. STEP 3 There is no damage to the carpet and nothing to feel with your bare foot. STEP 4 Squeeeeek No More® Floor Squeak Elimination Kit It stops floor squeaks quickly and easily from above the floor by going through the carpet. ELIMINATE PESKY FLOOR SQUEAKS Squeeeeek No More® includes a tool to quickly find the joist. This allows you to fasten the floor to the joist by driving the specially scored screw safely through the carpet. The head of the screw then gets snapped off, leaving nothing to see or feel in the carpet. This eliminates the need to move furniture, pull the carpet back, and restretch the carpet back to its original position. Ace Hardware #5106125 Do It Best #239992 TrueValue #811065 O’Berry Enterprises, Inc. 800-459-8428 9-5 CST For Carpeted and Hardwood Floors FOR QUICK RESPONSE See the Free Reader Service card located on the final page of this issue. Circle the item numbers below the ads or products. Receive FREE Vendor Product Information FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 119 26-37_Paint&Sundries_Fall17.indd 36 7/19/17 10:45 AM