HOUSEWARES & CONSUMABLES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 40 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 VEHICLE KEY CLONER Hy-Ko’s I-TOOL® Mega ChipKey® Vehicle Key Cloner brings the latest in key-cloning technology and expands the programming capabilities of a retailer’s key center. It is capable of cloning Toyota 80-Bit and Megamos Crypto transponder keys, allowing retailers to offer their customers replacement ChipKey® Vehicle Keys for Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo and 2010 and newer Toyota vehicles. HY-KO PRODUCTS 800-896-7890 OR HYKOKEYS.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 167 STAINLESS STEEL INSULATED BOTTLES The Fifty/Fifty stainless steel, double-wall, vacuum-insulated bottles from Icy-Hot Hydration are specifically designed to keep beverages ice-cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. The high quality 18 /8, food-grade stainless steel ensures there is no leaching or requirements for any kind of liner, and they will not retain any odor or taste. Double-wall vacuum technology prevents condensation and keeps the exterior at a comfortable temperature. ICY-HOT HYDRATION 800-849-5185 OR FIFTYFIFTYBOTTLES.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 166 BIODEGRADABLE DINNERWARE All Occasion Bambu Veneerware® from bambu is an elegant, biodegradable dinnerware line for single-use needs. The collection includes a range of plates, trays, bowls, cutlery and appetizer tools and is a perfect choice for an elegant and eco-friendly dinnerware solution. The All Occasion Veneerware is the only dinnerware made from certified organic, renewable bamboo. Veneerware is also certified USDA 100-percent biobased, FDA-approved and compost-approved. BAMBU 855-630-3149 OR BAMBUHOME.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 168 38-43_Housewares&Consumables_Fall17.indd 40 7/19/17 9:03 AM