Fall 2017 CUTTINGEDGE Products 43 BABY BOTTLE WARMER The Cuisinart Baby® Bottle Warmer allows users to heat a baby’s drink. The warming chamber safely steam-heats small or large glass or plastic bottles to the desired temperature. The unit also includes a basket to warm baby food jars, and a soothing night-light feature to make late-night feedings easier. CUISINART 800-211-9604 OR CUISINART.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 173 KEY STORAGE CABINET Hy-Ko’s Lockable Steel Key Safe holds and protects up to 48 keys. This high-quality, black steel safe includes a lock with two keys, 48 multi-colored key tags and mounting hardware. The safe is great for personal or industrial use. Packaged in a durable color box, the product can be shelved or hung for easy merchandising. HY-KO PRODUCTS 800-896-7890 OR HYKOKEYS.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 172 ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANER CleanSmart Daily Surface Cleaner is a product designed for messes in the kitchen and bathroom. The spray is dedicated to killing germs while reducing the harmful chemicals in households. The CleanSmart Disinfectant Spray provides quick disinfecting on the go. With smart science and simple ingredients, CleanSmart products kill organisms like E. coli, salmonella, RSV, influenza and strep without the use of bleach or alcohol. SIMPLE SCIENCE 612-367-4540 OR CLEANSMARTHOME.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 174 38-43_Housewares&Consumables_Fall17.indd 43 7/19/17 9:04 AM