The Top-Selling Fuel Treatments Cure Gas & Diesel Fuel Issues. Star Tron’s unique enzyme formula helps improve the performance and reliability of all gas and diesel engines; as a result, fuel-related power equipment returns decrease, power equipment “stays sold” and customer satisfaction improves. Star Tron’s proprietary blend of enzymes helps improve the combustibility of hydrocarbon fuels so engines start more easily and run with more power with improved fuel economy. These enzymes also stabilize fuel and help remove gums and carbon from engines. Your customers know they can rely on Star Tron to improve the performance of their gas-powered engines. As diesel-powered cars, trucks, RVs and boats gain market share, the demand for diesel fuel treatments has increased. By stocking Star Tron diesel formula, you can easily capture additional sales. Today’s diesel fuel contains a renewable bio-fuel intended to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. However, it can attract moisture, which can lead to the formation of bacteria in diesel fuel, resulting in clogged filters or injectors. Diesel fuel is sometimes contaminated with ethanol and lubricity enhancers during delivery, leading to more moisture issues. Star Tron can mitigate these effects by reducing the surface tension between water and fuel to reduce the size of molecular water clusters. This allows water to be dispersed throughout the fuel as micro-sized droplets that can be safely eliminated, “de-watering” the fuel as the engine operates. In all engines, Star Tron’s unique enzyme formula helps improve fuel economy and keeps engines running clean. This allows consumers to save money on fuel and routine maintenance. Star Tron is advertised via a national program of print and digital ads and is a sponsor of many television programs chosen for their demographics. Print ads and TV commercials all provide important sell points for the products and a link to assist consumers in finding stocking retailers in their area. A wide array of social media outlets is also utilized to reach key consumer groups, along with participation in regional events such as fishing tournaments and car and motorcycle shows. For more information, go to or call (800) 327-8583. ADVERTORIAL IMPROVE PROFITS & CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ad.indd 44 7/14/17 2:13 PM