Fall 2017 CUTTINGEDGE Products 47 YOU’RE TRENDING Building materials are both ubiquitous and ever-evolving, and the decisions consumers make in this category are as varied as the industry. Some have picked brands that they will stick with through every job, while others constantly search for the newest and best technology or innovation in the category. One trend to keep an eye on is doors and cabinet hardware. Barn doors, which attach to a rod and slide back and forth to open and close, have brought a lot of interest from homeowners and designers. While these doors formerly were used for their space-saving function, they're now meant to bring style into the home. For cabinet hardware, look for European trends to continue to dominate. However, younger homeowners are looking for more variety in their design choices, which has led to a diversified palette selection. Look for modern finishes and colors with crisp, geometric designs. Homeowners looking to give a room a more eclectic and customized appearance might opt to mix and match their cabinetry as well, like having two different colors on the top and bottom cabinets. 46-58_Hardware Building Materials_Fall17.indd 47 7/19/17 8:31 AM