HARDWARE & BUILDING MATERIALS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 58 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 SIDEWALK SALT APPLICATOR The Sidewalk Buddy is designed as an applicator for the Liquid Snow Shovel. It delivers two gallons per minute of Liquid Snow Shovel and a 24-inch width allows for easy storage. The 12-gallon bucket covers up to 15,000 square feet. It includes a boom attachment that expands up to 4 feet for one-pass application. ADVANCED SEASONAL INNOVATIONS 866-622-7222 OR ASINNOVATIONS.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 187 CONCRETE MIXERS YARDMAX Mixers are available in 1.6 and 4 cubic feet and are used for small- to medium-sized projects. All models include enhanced design features. Special features include stamped steel drum, pre-assembled IP45 waterproof motor and solid steel handle and lock ring. All YARDMAX products are backed by robust warranties and customer support. YARDMAX 844-927-3629 OR YARDMAX.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 186 RADIO EARPIECE WITH MICROPHONE The HKLN4604 earpiece keeps radio transmissions quiet and out of customer earshot. This lightweight and comfortable design features a swivel earpiece that works on either ear. An inline push-to-talk microphone eliminates the need to remove the radio from your pocket or belt. Compatible with Motorola CLS, RM, RD, DLR and DTR two-way radios. MOTOROLA/ACS 630-325-2700 OR ACSRADIOS.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 188 46-58_Hardware Building Materials_Fall17.indd 58 7/19/17 8:32 AM