Fall 2017 CUTTINGEDGE Products 59 PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Plumbing, Electrical Upgrades Improve Consumer Habits A Healthy HOME he plumbing and electrical departments are more than just places to find basic items like lightbulbs and pipe fittings. While consumers still need maintenance items, they are also on the hunt for design inspiration, and this comes from the ideas they get from magazines, blogs and their favorite design-themed TV shows. To offer customers what they want, retailers and their employees should pay attention to design preferences they are seeing. In both the kitchen and the bathroom, there are many trends emerging that include plumbing and electrical products, so they should take special note of those areas while researching. While attending buying markets this fall, retailers will have the perfect opportunity to discover enhancements to technology in plumbing and electrical products. Store owners and associates should take note of items their customers keep requesting as well so they can scoop up these must-have products at a show this fall. HOMEOWNERS TURN TO KITCHEN UPGRADES When a consumer plans to overhaul their kitchen, they often have a lot of questions and want advice on styles and products that would best fit their needs. For retailers, it’s important to know the products that will improve the home and become lasting additions. It’s also important to make sure employees are well-informed on the latest trends. In 2017, the most sought-after lighting types in the kitchen include undercabinet lights, recessed lights and pendant lighting, according to the 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. To stay aligned with this trend, retailers will want to stock items like light fixtures that illuminate the space in a fresh way. Retailers should also understand the latest trends in decorative plumbing. Traditional farmhouse sinks are more commonly preferred among consumers. For many people, the sink is a statement piece and something that showcases the room's overall look. Retailers should have a variety of sink options displayed in their stores. If there isn't space for a showroom, retailers can promote their special order service. T 59-63_Plumbing_Fall17.indd 59 7/19/17 8:38 AM