PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 60 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 Sink finishes that are popular include stainless steel, composite granite, fireclay, copper, quartz, natural stone and cast iron. Technology is also continuing to find its space in the kitchen, with touchless faucets becoming more common. BATHROOMS BEGGING FOR A NEW BEGINNING Another area of the home where plumbing and electrical products come into play is the bathroom. What makes a bathroom project satisfying for many customers is that it can often provide immediate results. If a customer simply changes out a faucet, switches light fixtures and applies a fresh coat of paint, the room can be transformed–without investing too much time or money in the process. As consumers continue to spend money updating their homes, the master bathroom and secondary bathrooms often top the list of projects to complete, partially due to the fact that this upgrade can provide a big return on investment. According to the 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, one of the top upgrades among renovating homeowners includes new faucets or fixtures in the master bathroom. The top lighting styles in this space include wall, recessed and shower lights. The kitchen area may be a beacon for new technology, but the bathroom is as well, the Houzz study found. Among those homeowners who were upgrading their toilets, 20 percent selected a toilet with at least one high-tech feature, like a self cleaning function, a motion activated cover or a built-in nightlight. NEW HIGH-TECH FEATURES IN THE MASTER BATHROOM Percentages reflect a proportion of homeowners who are upgrading to high-tech products as part of their completed, current or planned master bathroom renovation. Source: The 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study 20% of new toilets are high-tech Top Four Features of High-Tech Toilets Self-Cleaning Overflow protection/anti-clog Motion-activated cover/seat Built-in nightlight 43% 31% 28% 18% 12% of new bathtubs are high-tech Top Four Features of High-Tech Bathtubs Built-in lighting Built-in heated backrest Built-in sound and vibrations Built-in scented mist dispenser 64% 47% 9% 7% 9% of new showers are high-tech Top Four Features of High-Tech Showers Mood lighting Digital controls Built-in sound Showerhead with LED Lighting 60% 31% 11% 6% 59-63_Plumbing_Fall17.indd 60 7/19/17 8:38 AM