PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 62 CUTTINGEDGE Products Fall 2017 WATER LEAK DETECTION WaterleakXsystems™ detect leaks and send homeowners alerts. The waterleakXsystems Central Controller sends a text or email with the exact location of the leak and water shutoff status to as many as three email addresses or phone numbers. The system is fully customizable, using radio waves to constantly monitor up to 49 sensors for comprehensive protection. The system is easy to install and includes the Central Control Unit, Water Detection Sensors, Valve Control Unit and Water Shutoff Valve. WATERLEAKXSYSTEMS 952-449-4940 OR WATERLEAKXSYSTEMS.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 192 The innovative magnetic docking system allows the handshower to be easily released and snapped back into place. Engage™ with A handshower that’s a snap to use. For more information, contact EA Langenfeld at 800-621-7337. ©2016 Moen Incorporated. All rights reserved. Vendor # 68740 Vendor # 6312 Vendor # 6645 Vendor # 87718 Available at: FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 129 59-63_Plumbing_Fall17.indd 62 7/19/17 10:46 AM