TWO HANDLE BATHROOM FAUCET The High Arc Two Handle Bathroom Faucet from Moen® is part of the Gibson Collection. It has a bronze, dark brown finish with light and dark accents. The two-handle lever makes it easy to adjust the water, and the 4-inch centerset design allows for easy installation. It pairs with the Posi-Temp Tub/ Shower fixture. MOEN 877-289-6636 OR MOEN.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 193 LANDSCAPE WALL WASHER The Landscape Wall Washer from Holiday Bright Lights is designed to uplight trees, walls, statues and more. The wall washer is powered by a 110-volt plug, with the three RGBW (full color-changing) LED diodes, which feature many colors. The Landscape Wall Washer is made of commercial-grade cast-iron material and is easy to install. One remote can sync with up to 20 other wall washers. HOLIDAY BRIGHT LIGHTS 312-226-8281 OR HOLIDAYBRIGHTLIGHTS.COM FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 194 FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 130 59-63_Plumbing_Fall17.indd 63 7/19/17 10:46 AM