Vender #49086 Vender #7679 Vender #6202 AVAILABLE AT: THE HOT SOK For residential and commercial roofs Roof ice melter Apply in December or January for best results LSS 2.5 GALLON Liquid Snow Shovel 2.5 Gallon SKU: LSS25 275 GAL TOTE Liquid Snow Shovel 275 Gallon SKU: LSS275 HOT SHOT HOT SHOT 15 gallon Rock salt pre-wet unit TRUCK UNIT Holds 200 gallons Ideal for “large” complexes, and parking lots with miles of sidewalks LSS 55 GALLON Liquid Snow Shovel 55 Gallon SKU: LSS55 LSS 5 GALLON Liquid Snow Shovel 5 Gallon SKU: LSS5 SIDEWALK BUDDY Holds 12 gallons Ideal for “small” schools, churches, apartment complexes and parking lots By purchasing our products a portion of the proceeds go to both Wounded Warrior Project and National Breast Cancer Foundation For more info contact: Reed Badersnider & Associates 1-866-622-7222 ext. 706 Advanced Seasonal Innovations, LLC. Fo inf ad.indd 6 7/14/17 1:58 PM